Nowadays our smile becomes the earnest of success, prosperity and health. When You get the opportunity to communicate with holders of such miracle, You involuntarily think about You also want to learn smiling in such way. The smile can make attractive and beautiful even not very perfect face. The open and sparkling smile is able to win the sympathy of fully unknown person, it begets favour and trust. The person with beautiful smile impress on everyone like successful person.

All of this is possible only if You have white well-ordered teeth, and beautiful smile.

The authors of one of up-to-date researches show interconnection between psychological well-being and appearance. They noticed, when person feels yourself attractive and health, he is less amenable to depression and feeling of isolation.

The smile is the business card of everyone. And naturally we have to remember about it, when we creating new white and healthy smile. And this is not possible without team of high-skilled professional doctors, who are devoted to common cause and using of up-to-date materials and state-of-the-art technologies in dental treatment process, and supervision of every stage of treatment.

Our site offers for your attention detailed information about treatment methods and dental care which we use in treatment process, including dental bleaching Ц mythology of lightening of natural teeth color for creating white smile.

Lack of one or two teeth in modern world of stomatology is direct reason for tooth implantation. In this case patient can be sure next teeth wonТt be hurt: there is no need for Уwearing crownФ and therefore there are no needs for root canal work and grind down tooth for crowns. Also Dental implantation, which is in great demand, can help in case when there is lack of considerable units of teeth, and patient donТt want to wear removable denture. Because of using of bone extension methods by our dentists we can offer dental implantation even in very hard situation. We use modern computer technologies for making plan of implantation treatment. In any case if we canТt offer you implantation according to your health, there is big choice of removable denture. Nowadays in modern stomatology, there are available a lot of variants for removable dental prosthesis, and our task is to offer You the most suitable variant in Your case. And make dental prosthetics in such way, that after treatment You forget about it.

Also we offer fixed dental prosthesis, which help to save rotten teeth thanks of ceramic-metal crowns or porcelain crowns, and correct shape of frontal teeth by high-aesthetic veneers. Dental micro-prosthesis helps You to save alive tooth.

Once a lot of our patients had fear of dentist, but multistage technology of anesthesia helps them realize that even injection can be painless. The result of multimodality therapy is healthy, esthetic and beautiful smile. Healed teeth, healthy gum, functional restoration and denture integrity help You understand what mean fresh breath, good appetite, healthy organism.

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