The right way of tooth brushing

Dentists say that the minimum time you should spend brushing your teeth is 2 minutes twice a day. with tooth brush and fluorine paste

  • At the morning after breakfast.
  • Before go to sleep, after last meal.
  • Before brush the teeth, you must wash the tooth brush.
  • Put small quantity of paste on tooth brush.
  • Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle against your gum. Gently brush from where the tooth and gum meet to the chewing surface in short (about half-a-tooth-wide) strokes. Brushing too hard can cause receding gums, tooth sensitivity, and, over time, loose teeth.

"Circular movements
from gum to cutting end"

  • Clean the inside surfaces of every tooth with circular movements. The brush is held perpendicularly to cutting ends.

"clean the inside surface
of teeth"

  • Clean outside surfaces of teeth with circular movements.

"clean the outside surfaces
of teeth"

  • With back and forth motions, clean masticatory surfaces of top and bottom molar teeth.

"with back and forth
motions clean surfaces
of molar teeth"

  • Finish brushing with gingival massage; Ц with closed mouth make circular motions on teeth and gum.
  • Brush your tongue. Use the scraper for tongue. Start to brush tongue from back part and slowly go to frontal surface.

Tooth elixir

The elixir improves cleaning of tooth surface, prevents dental deposit formation, deodorizes mouth cavity. It looks like smooth liquid which consist of biological active components, has defined smell and color.

For reaching success using liquid cleanings, you have carefully remove dental deposit with clean tooth brush, with flossing and brushing tongue. After mouth washing, you have immediately spit liquid out.


  • Slowly move cleaning head from tooth to tooth, with holding brush for a couple seconds on th surface of every tooth.
  • Clean gum at the same way like the teeth, at the first outside and then inside.
  • DonТt brush too hard and donТt rub its tooth.
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