Therapeutic dentistry: tooth restoration

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Терапевтическая стоматология: реставрация зубов Реставрация зубов

Cosmetic tooth restoration (Art tooth restoration)

Earlier, filling materials, what are used by dentists, couldn’t to imitate tooth tissue with all features of tint, transparence and stratified, but nowadays this problem is non-topical. Thanks to the newest composite light cure material there becomes possible to make tooth restoration according to shape and color in one visit.

Thanks to art restoration is possible to change:

  • Shape of tooth (for example, after chip of tooth or its full destroying because of caries);
  • Tooth location in denture (smoothing);
  • Tooth color ( to make tooth color according to next tooth);
  • close fissures between teeth (diastem).

That’s why, if You don’t want to use prosthetics, specialists of “Ukrmedinvest” offer full set of services of art tooth restoration.

художественная реставрация зуба (Киев, Украина)

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