Removal prosthesis

Removal denture with medical clean nylon

Nowadays there are many offers of different kinds of prosthetics in the modern dentistry.

missed teeth can be restored with different materials and with different ways, but very often there happen such situations, when removal prosthesis is sole acceptable variant. For example, when tis patient doesnt have abutment - posterior teeth, or when implants are contra-indicated in some reason.

Prosthesis without monomer which is made of Valplast is highly aesthetically acceptable, as it doesnt include metal. Absolutely invisible in the mouth, light, durable, super elastic and it doesnt cause allergy.

  • The prosthesis is super elastic and very durable, thats it isnt broken not only in every day exploitation, but also in extreme situations. We can offer prosthesis for people who have dangerous professions, for sportsman and so on.
  • The prosthesis is made by method of hot spit, thats why it has exact attachment and stable fixation, furthermore, the prosthesis is very light and doesnt chafe the gum.
  • Nylon is fully without residual monomer and this is the decision for patients who has some allergies.
  • The material is absolutely nonhygroscopic, that why microorganisms doesnt live in it.
  • Nonaggressive method of prosthetic there is not needed previous preparation, and therefore, mostly there is not necessary metal-ceramic construction.

Nylon includes steady dye, which gives for our prosthesis beautiful aesthetically acceptable look, even after longtime exploitation.


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