Laminar dental prosthesis

The modern orthopedic dentistry offers different constructions for restoration of masticatory efficiency. The choice of construction depends on medical indications with individual patientТs features. On the face of it, fixed prosthesis, particularly, metal-porcelain with implantology, must to extrude considerably fixed prosthesis, but because of noticed earlier reasons, this kind of prosthesis even now is considerable part of all orthopedic construction. Demands, which are required to qualitative removable denture, are high enough in esthetic and functional life. And they are fully realizable thanks to development and introduction of new technologies, materials and equipments.

Removable laminar dental prosthesis consist of basis (plates of plastic and metal), artificial teeth and klammers. The basis of prosthesis exactly repeats shape of mucous tunic and tooth bearing. Artificial teeth, which are fixed in basis, restore defect of tooth denture. For fixation of prosthesis on the left teeth in mouth are used klammers.

The basis of removable laminar dental prosthesis in any separate clinical case has individual size and border, enveloping bands and frenulums of lips and tongue. The surface of basis is inversely proportional to quantity and disposition of left teeth and on level of atrophy of alveolar bone. This made for decreasing pressure on tissues, which lay under basis.

Removable constructions change physiology of organs of masticatory apparatus. Firstly, the patient feels the prosthesis as foreign body, like unusual irritant. The prosthesis decreases volume of oral cavity, changes nature of masticatory movements, breaks sound formation and clearness its pronunciation. The salivation strengthens, appears vomiturition. The time addiction to prosthesis depends on painful sensation, which appears because of prothesisТ pressure on soft tissues. During first week, the pressure goes down and disappears in 3-4 week( from the first day of wearing).

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