Inlays, inherently, are fillings, but they arenТt made in the patientТs mouth, but in laboratory, and after it the dentist glues inlays down into beforehand treated tooth with help of adhesive composition. Inlays are made of ceramic or synthetic materials. So what is the merit of inlays? There are:

  1. Inlays have very high durability. Inlays are made of high-strength ceramic.
  2. In two visits, the dentist can treat couple of teeth. In first visit, he treats carious cavities into the group of teeth and makes prints, and second is fixation of inlays into mouth cavity.
  3. Third, the most important, filling, even perfect, has one demerit Ц it is decreased in size (2%) during process of hardening. It can cause micro tearing of filling from tooth, and like consequence, there is can appear caries. Experienced dentist knows how to avoid such situation, but as the process of shrinkage is invisible and badly controlled, there always exist probability of error. In addition, inlays donТt have such demerit.


The bridge with inlays Ц full ceramic restoration, which is applied for restoration of one missing tooth. This dental bridge consists of two inlays and intermediate part.

When next with defects, teeth have carious cavities and these cavities are closely to defect, in this case, we got well done bed for inlay thanks to removal of caries, on the created bed is fixed artificial crown, which restores missed tooth. There you can find pictures below:


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