Dental bridge

The main reason for prosthetics with dental bridge is defects of denture Ц lack of one or more teeth.

The dentist define tipe of dental bridge and material, it will be made according to patientТs teeth.

We take to account tooth defects, condition of gum tissue, peculiarity of bite and of smile, the color of next teeth and shape of dental prosthesis. Also is very important good condition of support teeth for dental bridge.

As necessarily the dentist makes x-ray investigation, makes tests for viability (availability of live pulp).

Tooth preparing before installing of dental bridge.

After inspection is held necessary preliminary treatment (hygienic procedures, gingival treatment, filling of supporting teeth and so on.

The next stage Ч tooth preparation of teeth where will be installed crowns of dental bridge. Tooth preparation means cutting of convex surfaces, which prevents to crown wearing.

Temporary fixed dental bridge

Depth of preparation depends on future prosthesis, on material, is made of and also features of cutting tooth. After preparation, there is made print of Your teeth, and according to it there is made dental bridge in tooth laboratory. As this process can takes from 2 till 3 weeks, for this period You can get temporary prosthesis which protect prepared teeth. This allow You accustom to new shape of denture and before install permanent prosthesis to make some changes according to Yours feelings.

Finished dental bridge after installing

During the next stage, there is held trying on, fitting and installing of prepared dental bridge. In this case we check biting of teeth, esthetic. The necessary correction is made by orthopedic surgeon or in laboratory.

For careful treatment, there could be needed 1-2 visits to dentist. When the dentist reach right bridge installing, he fixes it be cement or adhesive. It in few days after fixing you will get some problem with bridge, You have to ask dentist, he advice what to do or makes additional fitting of dental bridge.

Fixed dental bridge helps to restore (in some cases improve) functions and outward of health teeth.

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