Clasp dental prosthesis

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Ѕюльгельные протезы

Last few years, the clasp prosthesis, or also sometimes it is called bugle, is in the lead position (among removable prosthesis). So what is it? Clasp denture is based like arc, and in contrast to other prosthesis, it uses for support not only gum, but also patientТs teeth. Thanks to it, bugle is more sensitive to gum, also there is considered, that clasp prosthesis can supply masticatory load more naturally. Thereby clasp denture wins traditional laminar removable dental prosthesis. In addition, we can to add that clasp denture looks compact, is comfortable in using and long-lived. In dentistry is used clasp denture with telescopic fixation system and bugles with micro-locked fastening (clasp denture with klammers and locks).

Clasp prosthesis with klammers is made to teeth, thatТs why is fixed the best way on it, and thanks to elastic, it doesnТt spoil enamel. The one minus is the metal details are visible during smile.

The second way of clasp fixation is with help of locks, which are fixed on abutment teeth, itТs more durable. The most important in lock fastening is its invisible, and that it is hided in clasp denture. Everything is supplied by high modern technologies Ц high-precision casting and special materials, and of course high skilled specialists. Clearly, that there is most desirable is last variant, though you have pay more, as the making process of clasp denture is hard and difficult!

«убные протезы «аказать зубные протезы

The advantages of lock fastening is:

  • Higher precision than with klammers;
  • Higher esthetic quality of prosthesis and shorter period of patientТs adaptation to such prosthesis;
  • Availability of standard interchangeable compound parts;
  • The prosthesis is long-lived (in average is 7-10 years).
  • Ability to change matrixes and repeated activation;

Ѕюльгельные протезы, установка

1 Ц Metal-porcelain dental bridge with attachments.
2 Ц Attachment (lock) Ц patrix
3 - Attachment (lock) Ц matrix.
4 Ц Taking area is free. ThatТs why diction is usual, in contrast to using of partial removable prosthesis with plastic palate.
5 Цmetal part which join right and left parts of prosthesis (the partial removable denture has plastic plate)
6 Ц dental basis, where the plastic teeth are fixed.

Ѕюльгельные протезы, цена

1- Metal-porcelain crowns which will be cemented.
2- It is arc, which joined right and left parts of dental prosthesis, is set inside behind lower teeth. 3 - patrix
4 - matrix
5 - klammer

Ѕюльгельные протезы, в  иеве

1 Ц Removable part of construction.
2 Ц Fixed part.

Opt for clasp prosthesis depends on different factors, and the defined factor is price. ThatТs why laminar dental prosthesis is cheaper, than follows classic clasp denture with klammers and then high-tech clasp denture with attachments (locks).

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