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The way to beautiful smile.

Nowadays braces become more and more popular in modern dentistry. Braces are used extensively for malocclusion correction. Braces straighten denture with help of constant fixation on the teeth in defined period of time. Braces look like line of small locks, which are attached to frontal surface of teeth, and are connected with each other by metal arc. Thanks to this arc is made correction. The arc is made of material what remember shape (nickel-titan alloy).

Reasons for braces applying.

  • For malocclusion correction
  • Using for shift of tooth
  • Correction of diastem (a gap between the teeth)
  • For dental elongation if tooth is came out hard.
  • For treatment of denture deformation as result of dental losing.

Ceramic braces.

брекет-системыNowadays modern dentistry can offer more esthetical transparent ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are made of ceramic. Ceramic braces are used extensively in modern orthodontic treatment for malocclusion correction. They are popular for adult as are more esthetic then metal.

The advantages of ceramic braces.

  1. Ceramic braces are invisible. It is possible fit braces to color of teeth.
  2. Ceramic braces are more comfortable then metal, it doesnТt irritate gums.
  3. Ceramic braces are durable, it is attached on the dental surface, and almost itТs not broken.

Metal braces.

Earlier metal braces were not simply braces, and looks like big rings around teeth.

Nowadays metal braces are small, and are attached on the tooth surface.

Even now metal braces are very popular because of cheap price.

ћеталлические брекеты

—апфировые брекеты

The disadvantages of metal braces.

  1. The metal braces are not esthetic.
  2. The metal braces are not comfortable.
  3. It can bring on gingival irritation.

The sapphire braces.

The sapphire braces are made of clear single-crystal sapphire, and are very transparent. The braces are very esthetic and durable. The sapphire braces donТt come under color influence, and dental deposit isnТt gathered on it. If teeth are very light, in this case sapphire braces is the best variant as itСs transparent. And if teeth are not very light, sapphire braces arenТt the best variant.

In this case the best variant is ceramic braces.

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