Surgical dentistry

Surgical dentistry
(tooth removal and tooth saving operations)

Surgical dentistry is section of medicine, which is presented by efficient interference on the soft and hard tissues of mouth cavity. There are many kinds and ways of efficient interference. But we are describing hear only couple of them. Our clinic is well equipped for making all types of surgical operations. Any operation our clinic holds with attention and anesthesia. We have created the most comfortable conditions for our patients.

Tooth removal

Tooth removal is the most famous surgical manipulation for patient among another, what are held in the cavity. The whole point is that tooth or part of it is removal from maxillary bone with help of especial, adapted for different teeth and different situations instruments in the mouth cavity.

Tooth removal operation is held as automatically as possible and its not depends on complexity (with minimum damage of surrounding tissues). Its necessary for complexity prevention during rehabilitation period, for faster healing of wound and for size reduction of bone defect on the spot of tooth removal. The last condition is especially significant for implantation, when there is important every millimeter of bone tissue. And naturally, tooth removal, as any surgical operation, is held with effective anaesthetization.

As a result of last achievements in modern dentistry, the tooth removal is the drastic measure. But sometimes it cant be avoided.

Reasons for tooth removal:

  1. Strong destruction of crown and especially subgingival part, when its not possible to save tooth with therapy (sealing) and orthopeadic (put stump inlay and cover by crown).
  2. Dystopic tooth (are set on the wrong place).
  3. Strong tooth tilt, tooth is protruded, prevent prosthetics or injury soft tissue (wisdom tooth).
  4. Root break because of injure.
  5. Difficult access for effective treatment (wisdom tooth).
  6. There is impossible or not effective endodontic treatment (root canal cure).
  7. Difficult level of periodontitis.
  8. Orthodontic reasons.

Contraindication to tooth removal:

  • Cardiovascular disease on the decompensation stage;
  • Recently has happened cardiac infarction (to one year);
  • Diabetes mellitus on the decompensation stage;
  • Acute virus respiratory diseases;
  • Stomatitis and other infections in the mouth cavity;
  • Acute condition of mental disease.

After root removal. Basic guidelines:

  1. After tooth removal you shouldnt eat in 2 hours.
  2. In one day after tooth removal you should avoid hot, especially hot, liquid meal.
  3. Dont make strong gargling.
  4. Dont warm up cheek of tooth removal area.
  5. Dont take a hot bath.
  6. Do brush tooth on the next day after tooth removal.
  7. Do chew meal by other side of jaw;
  8. Dont touch socket after removal by tongue.

Besides that tooth removal there is couple operation what allows to save tooth.

You have to remember that tooth removal is surgical operation with all following side effects and complications, and considering disposition of surgical wound, the healing process with development of different inflammatory occurrence. For reduction of inflammatory risk after tooth removal there is needed to observe some rules, which is recommended by dentists.

Tooth saving operations:

Dental hemisection

Hemisection tooth removal with root (for example, there is a nidus of chronic infection on the one of root of tooth, which cant be treated, so it has to be deleted). This allows using remaining part of tooth as support for prosthetics. Particular case of hemisection crownradicular separation. Its applied in case if the nidus of inflammation is between roots of tooth. In this case the tooth is sawed up for two separate teeth, which are covered by crowns in result. The nidus of inflammation is destroyed itself.


Cystotomy, cystectomy is a surgical operation to remove whole cyst or part of it, depends on indications. Very often this operation is held with moment resection of root apex.

Resection of root apex

The whole point is that to remove part of root, what is the reason of chronic infection. Its applied when endodontic treatment was unsuccessful or impossible to do, if are available cysts or granuloma and so on.

Resection of whole root. The reasons for operation are the same as for resection of root apex.

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